GoDaddy… Come on man!

If you’ve inexplicitely ever sat through an episode of ESPN’s NFL round table discussion shows you’re probably aware of the “Come on man” segments. If not, the basis is the commentators see an NFL player, owner, fans, ref, etc do something stupid and they call them out on their stupidity. It’s pretty funny sometimes, other times… not so much. Today I have my own come on man.

Come on!

This particular feature of has been bugging the hell out of me lately. I’ll go and search on their home page for a domain to see if it’s available. Instead of automatically removing http or www they decided to be lazy and let you fix issues with your query rather than trying to adjust it themselves. Here’s an example.

I went to godaddy’s home page and entered in in the textbox for “Search for a domain”.


When I pressed the “GO” button this was the error message I received on the next page:

So basically they are saying “Hey, we know what you did but we’re too lazy to fix it”. Seriously… It’s not that hard to either REMOVE the www. or use a regular expression to look for it.

In fact, here’s some code for ONLY looking at the domain.

I mean a very easy way to solve that is:

Dim url As String = UrlTextbox.Text
If url.StartsWith("www.") Then
    url = url.Replace("www.", "") 
End If


I’m just not sure why that error exists. Am I missing something or are the Godaddy engineers being lazy here?

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