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Positive Psychology – Shawn Achor

I just watched a video on Positive Psychology by Shawn Achor. Achor is a Harvard researcher who has studied the effect on how business is effected by your level of happiness. It’s a REALLY interesting talk because it shows that happiness is not simply attained by achieving your goals because goals are ever changing. Meaning that once you hit 100k in sales, you’ll want 150k. His assertion is that you need to be happy BEFORE attaining your goals.

Check it out:


One of his methods of achieving happiness before reaching your goals is a daily gratitude journal as well as keeping a journal about one positive experience you had that day. So I’m going to start one here for the next 21 days.

Why is my computer running so slow?

So for the past few months my development machine has been running like dog crap. I couldn’t, for the life of me figure out why this was happening. I downloaded ProcessExplorer… Nothing too bad. Memory is being used up efficiently, nothing is dogging my CPU. What…the…hell!

Quite by accident I figured out what the issue was… My web browsers. Yep. Seems that ole Firefox OR Chrome decided to make my machine as inefficient as possible. Now, don’t get me wrong, they can’t take ALL the blame. I also blame 80% of the issue on adobe flash. I’m starting to see why flash and apple are battling against each other. What a horribly inefficient piece of crap flash is.

So I decided to do an unscientific test. I timed how long it took my machine to compile an 8 project application in Visual Studio with and without Chrome running. Then I tried the same scenario after I watched a video on youtube. Anyone want to guess? At LEAST twice as long to compile after watching a flash video.

I’ve tried IE (but haven’t used it in years) and Opera but I don’t like those browsers all that much. As it is now, I no longer use a web browser on my dev machine. I now use another laptop on my desk for streaming pandora, watching tutorials or anything else that requires flash.

So… If your machine is running slow, take a look at your web browsers as a source of frustration.