New Release of Task Factory

Sorry for the lack of updates. In the middle of developing some of the most advanced components we’ve ever tackled with Task Factory, I just released the latest version of Task Factory. This release includes a BUNCH of updates to the current components and includes three new components.

The three new components are Download File Task, Advanced Execute Package Task and Advanced Execute Process Task.

Download File Task is used to download files using HTTP rather than FTP.

Advanced Execute Package Task allows you to execute a child package while passing and retrieving variables to and from the child package. This makes it WAY easier than setting up a Parent Configuration to pass variables to the child package.

Advanced Execute Process Task allows you to execute multiple processes per instance of the task. It acts as if you’re executing the processes from the command line and allows for variable replacement as part of the command being executed.

While this release was important to fix some bugs in TF and release a few new tasks, the upcoming release (in about 6 weeks) is going to blow you away. The sheer power of the tasks we’re adding now is incredible.

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