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Job Recruiters and Their Emails

Recently I made the mistake of updated my resume on A recruiter alerted me to the fact that I hadn’t updated my resume since 2009. Which makes sense. That was when I started with PragmaticWorks. I recently finished a book so I decided to add that to my resume. I completely forgot that as soon as you update your resume, you’ll be inundated with emails and phone calls. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. To be wanted in a professional (and personal) level is a great feeling. That said, I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. I have it quite good with Pragmatic Works.

In any case, a reocurring theme I’ve noticed recruiters is I don’t think any of them have had any basic sales training. Nor have I but I’ve studied sales, copywriting, seo, etc because it makes me a more valuable asset to my company. It seems that recruiters don’t understand simple things like the word “You” vs “I”. If I see “I” more than “You” in the opening email to me, it seems that you are trying to help yourself, not me. Here’s an example:

“I found your resume on Monster and I feel you would be a good fit for the position below. Could you please review the job description below and either email me or call me back?”

So what’s wrong with this? There are 4 reference to I and me and 3 references to “you”. It’s a template. They didn’t take the time to make it personal, make it about me. I mean, if I decide to go to work for this guy he’s going to make a pretty nice chunk of change. I know, PragmaticWorks has a recruiting department. We make a LOT of money placing someone. So how SHOULD he have opened the email to entice me to at least respond?

“Hi Chris. I’m Rob. Your resume made it across my desk this morning and based on your skillset, you appear to be a perfect match for an opening our client is looking for. The company is looking for a developer like you with a strong background in VB.NET, SQL Server and SSIS. If you’d be open to a quick 5 minute call, I’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about this position and whether you would be a good fit or not”

Everything here is non-threatening. He’s not saying “You look good, let me make some money off of you”. He’s saying “I have an opening, not sure if you’d be a good fit but I’d at least like the opportunity to talk with you”.

Basic stuff here folks. Don’t send recruits templated emails. Take the time to craft a decent, personal email and the response rate will be much higher.

That said, some of the guys have been doing exactly what I said here. But it’s 1 out of 8.

GoDaddy… Come on man!

If you’ve inexplicitely ever sat through an episode of ESPN’s NFL round table discussion shows you’re probably aware of the “Come on man” segments. If not, the basis is the commentators see an NFL player, owner, fans, ref, etc do something stupid and they call them out on their stupidity. It’s pretty funny sometimes, other times… not so much. Today I have my own come on man.

Come on!

This particular feature of has been bugging the hell out of me lately. I’ll go and search on their home page for a domain to see if it’s available. Instead of automatically removing http or www they decided to be lazy and let you fix issues with your query rather than trying to adjust it themselves. Here’s an example.

I went to godaddy’s home page and entered in in the textbox for “Search for a domain”.


When I pressed the “GO” button this was the error message I received on the next page:

So basically they are saying “Hey, we know what you did but we’re too lazy to fix it”. Seriously… It’s not that hard to either REMOVE the www. or use a regular expression to look for it.

In fact, here’s some code for ONLY looking at the domain.

I mean a very easy way to solve that is:

Dim url As String = UrlTextbox.Text
If url.StartsWith("www.") Then
    url = url.Replace("www.", "") 
End If


I’m just not sure why that error exists. Am I missing something or are the Godaddy engineers being lazy here?